Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Full of Busy

Yesterday was full of busy, but important work. And if it looks suspiciously like procrastination in my word count log, I forgive myself this one time.

  • I sent a submission to a new market
  • I sent a revision draft for a workshop
  • I submitted an application to a different workshop

Looking back, last year feels like the stumbling-around, let's-get-my-bearings-straight year, and this year feels like I've just graduated high school and now I'm hedging my bets on getting into a good college.

Probably because I spend so much time staring at my inbox, willing it to contain something other than spam and newsletters.

I'm still tracking the food I eat, which makes me grumpy. I turned to Jer last night and said, "You know what I hate most about Weight Watchers?"

"What?" he said, humoring me.

"It's that it works," I said.

Stupid Weight Watchers.

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