Thursday, January 26, 2012

Short stories, taxes, and public reading

I think this is the last day my story will be featured on the main "Shorts" page of If you haven't read The Hero Garden yet and would like to, here's the link. It won't be disappearing after today, but it may take a couple of extra clicks to find.

I finally sat down and figured out how much I made last year for my photography business taxes. There are always lots of little things trickling in, so I sort of dread getting everything together, but it worked out just fine. My taxes are filed and now I just have to start looking forward to our personal taxes in a couple of months. Yay.

I'm still writing the dark fantasy story I mentioned before. I'm trying to give this one lots of thought up front and not settle for what I first put down. I have a list of questions I keep asking myself like, how can I make the danger more personal? What if x was x? Why does he make the choice he makes that leads to that result?

So it's slow going, but I think the end result will be better for it.

Last night I also asked for a reading slot at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City at the end of March. I'm hoping to read from British Guiana, 1853, which will be part of the new anthology, Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, scheduled for release at the convention. Hopefully that all works out. If it does, it will be my first public reading.

If you have any interest in hearing me read, I recorded myself reading Eau de Public Transit for Every Day Fiction, and you can listen to the flash fiction piece through their web site here. Takes me back to my all-too-brief high school acting career. :)

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