Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going to Canada

In my whole life, I've only spent about five hours in Canada. Jer and I took a day trip to Victoria in 2003, and it was memorable for reasons that weren't great. Jer was ill, it was hot, I hadn't done enough research on what to see in our short time there, and the first person we passed made fun of us (it was a street performer playing to a crowd.) We ended up tired and broken at a McDonald's, after window shopping for several hours and going on a lackluster double-decker tour bus ride. The only thing I remember about the tour was brown grass and a cemetery that lost many of its graves during heavy rains.

It was not a good day.

Now I finally have the chance to try again. In November, I am going to Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention. Granted, I won't have time to sightsee, but I am hoping it will erase any bad associations I have with our neighbors to the north. I would really like to get over those, because it would be stupid to let a five-hour day trip unjustly color an entire country. Stupid and arbitrary.

So I'm excited about that. Of course I'm also excited to attend the convention. It will be my second WFC and I had a great time at the last one.

We've had light snow all morning here in Seattle. It is nice to be inside and warm, with lots of coffee and frozen meals. I boiled angel hair pasta for dinner last night and baked a batch of brownies, so we aren't in danger of starving.

I am grateful we haven't lost power.

I was considering walking to the grocery store to get some exercise, but I think I'm going to be lazy instead. I don't own any boots, I'm still getting over a cold, and icy, wet feet are counterproductive to health. Or so they would have you believe.

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