Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cha, Cha, Chai

ShePlays starts again tomorrow and runs through Saturday. That means if you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, you've got three more chances. You can buy tickets online at or (probably) at the door. No pressure.

I am about to drink my favorite drink on the planet, Mocafe Spiced Chai. Trader Joe's used to carry it but then they stopped and the pain was great. Thanks to an Internet Miracle however, the Chai is mine again, oh yes, restored to its rightful place on the shelf. To experience this flavor sensation you can buy through the Mocafe website or through Amazon. I heartily recommend it, as it was heartily recommended to me by BF's sister. It's just powder you mix in hot water (measuring cup included), but somehow they've managed to make it creamy and wonderful and just the right amount of sweet. Mocafe Spiced Chai is my drug of choice. Right up there with diet soda. And crack cocaine.

Our plays were reviewed in the local paper yesterday. If you happened across it, please don't let it discourage you from attending and judging for yourself. If you didn't read it, then I'll just say it wasn't particularly favorable -- though the reviewer did call my play Beckettian, but I think he meant it as a slight. One thing I've learned from Rob Schneider is that you shouldn't respond to critics because no good can come of it. But since this is a makeshift log of my play experiences I'll tell you my initial impression: laughter. Hell, no play of mine has ever been reviewed in a newspaper! To see my name in print -- even if it's spelled wrong -- exciting! He took a few pot shots about our not dealing with Women Issues more and compared my play to "Monsters, Inc." I'm not sure where the reviewer was coming from, but hey, ignore most of the content and we got ourselves a free quarter-page advertisement. Not too shabby.

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