Monday, February 07, 2005

Viscosity and Thermal Breakdown

Things you never want to hear your eye doctor say: [Your corneas] are pitted like a windshield after a sandstorm.

Now I've been known to exaggerate, true. But not now. My eyes are dry. My left eye is clear, my right eye is excessively blurry. Like, worse than pre-LASIK blur. So I schedule an emergency check up consultation thing, and the doctor plugs up my tear ducts with wax or something blue and then prescribes gel drops. Regular eye drops don't cut it. He said I needed more viscosity.

Lucky for me I didn't dislodge the flap. That would've been bad. Ruhl bahd.

See, I managed to remove my sleep goggles last night for about 2 hours. My sleeping self couldn't be bothered with the inconvenience. I woke, bolt upright, hissed "Shit! My goggles!" And now I've got the dried out blues. Da-da-dada-da. These blues also double as the, "Did I rub my eyes? Please tell me I didn't fucking rub my eyes!" blues. And triple as the "I can't make it 3 days, how'll I make it 3 months?" blues.

In other news, my play is super kick ass crazy awesome. I saw the first run-through of all the plays yesterday and it was everything I knew it would be. Prepare to be dazzled! Or not! I make it a point to always set my expectations low, that way I'm never be disappointed! But you know, you do your own thing.

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