Sunday, February 27, 2005

Blog and Dash

I'm surfacing long enough to say "Hello," and then I can't make any promises. I'm drowning in video games. Seven hours ago I sat down to play, and now I'm blinking at the clock, not really trusting that it's 8pm, Sunday, and that I've been playing since Friday night. During the few breaks I took to shower, sleep, and eat, I did manage to do my taxes. So, you know, gold star for that. And BF and I did leave the house long enough to pick up some fast food and kitty litter, but the sun hurt our eyes so we fled inside. And the entire trip we kept cracking video game jokes, jokes that wouldn't be funny to anyone who didn't spend two days straight pretending to be a dwarf paladin and a gnome warlock in a magical fantasy world. So, you know, good thing we've got each other.

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