Friday, February 04, 2005


It's not easy to focus on the screen. The doctor tells me that I'll be fine tomorrow -- correcting an astigmatism makes the first night blurry. The Valium wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, but the procedure wasn't too bad. I pretended I'd been abducted by aliens and they were performing strange and otherworldly experiments on my corneas.

They (the alien doctors) gave me a videotape of the procedure. I can't see myself watching it anytime soon, but maybe if I drink enough, I'll get curious enough. I probably should be drinking now come to think of it.

I also left with a bag of eyedrops, a pair of goggles, and sunglasses. Mmm. Parting gifts.

My poor eyes have been continually flooded with drops or blinded by lights for most of the day. The LASIK itself wasn't that painful, mostly it was uncomfortable. Everything went dark, then blurry, then blurrier, then I smelled my eyes burning but I didn't feel much, and then the doctor swabbed my eye flap back into place and they stuck me in a room with soothing music and a heated blanket. Eventually BF led me to the car and heated me up a Lean Cuisine Pizza (I love those things) and I listened to some Lenny Bruce and then I went to sleep for a few hours.

Sometimes when I blink, everything becomes clear and then when I blink again, it all goes blurry. On, off, all day. I've got a check-up scheduled for tomorrow, bright and early. I think the hardest thing is going to be the "no eye rubbing for 3 months." That'll require reservoirs of determination I'm not sure I've tapped yet.

Somewhere in the wide night, actors are rehearsing my play and I'm not there.

My eye lashes are all crusty from the drops. And I discovered that the weird after taste from the antibiotic drops is perfectly normal. I didn't even bring it up, lest I seem psycho, but one of the alien nurses volunteered the information in her helpfulness.

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