Sunday, February 13, 2005

Non-somnolent Saturday

BF's family left at intermission for the 2 hour drive home. This moment, they're sitting in a JetBlue aircraft, presumably about 30,000 feet up, ears popping, seats and trays in an upright position, enjoying the in flight literature... Even though it was hard for them, even though they were getting on a plane today, they made it up to see my play. The word I'm thinking of is: awesome.

Lily Tomlin was a fun sidestep. I laughed more than I didn't, I had a great aisle seat, and I saw a co-worker and his wife who I haven't seen in months. I only found out he'd retired because last December his name had been replaced in the acknowledgements section of the program. It left me in a wondering void, but now my curiosity is satisfied. I can tell by the expression on your face that this means as much to you as it does to me.

Another good play night yesterday. Good turnout, fairly good response -- less laughter in the funny sections than at Opening, and a couple of places where I could tell lines were flubbed but then I only noticed because I've memorized all the lines after seeing the plays so many times -- I count it as good. Almost everybody stayed after intermission, with the exception of BF's family who were pressed for time and sleep and traffic, and there was positive buzz when it ended. All good things.

As for LASIK, I can see and it's wonderful. Sometimes I find myself staring into the distance, regardless of what's actually in the distance, just to experiment with my ability to focus and the crispness of the edges of things. I feel like I've Photoshopped my vision, like I've got a perpetual sharpness filter that adjusts automatically -- my night vision is better too, less halos. And fewer headaches. One week post-LASIK, I am happy, but I promise you'll be the first to know (or at least in the top five), if anything changes, like an eye pops out or something.

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