Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mind Games Galore at the Mind Game Store!

There are little things I do to maintain forward momentum. I keep a daily desk calendar, and only allow myself to peel off one page at a time. It requires tremendous feats of will-power, but I do not cheat. Instead I look ahead to the next morning. Only then can I flip, tear, laugh, dispose, and wait again.

Sometimes I go to a horoscope site for kicks. It's been awhile since I've done that. I want something that's updated like clockwork, something that won't let me down with emptiness and ruin my day. I enjoy some cartoon-ish type sites. Good examples are Sore Thumbs, Penny Arcade!, and Strong Bad E-mail.

Out of all the blogs I read, odds are someone is always on hiatus. But so far they've all come back. I just have to be patient and wait them out. I need to not be afraid to show up in their server logs refreshing stale content, just waiting for that magical day when they decide to grace me with their wit and wisdom once more.

In essence, I trick my brain into a state of constant anticipation, on the lookout for the next cheap thrill. You can interpret that in two ways. One, I'm always excited about something. Or two, nothing is ever good enough.

I blame the present. This wouldn't be a problem if the present were sexier.

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