Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Play's the Thing

I didn't think I'd be nervous about Opening Night, I mean, what's there to be nervous about? The playwright's work is long done; it's all pie and roses. But I never got that memo. I was a tiny bit twitchy.

We went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and my order consisted of the following requirements: 1) Not sloppy, 2) Not too big, 3) And beer. I settled on the Portobello Mushroom Ravioli and a Sierra Nevada. It served its purpose. After enjoying our stimulating dinner conversation, we went upstairs to the box office, retrieved our tickets, and took our seats. You know, the usual.

My heart did pound as the lights did rise, but soon I found myself enjoying the plays and I (mercifully) forgot most my nervousness. Hell, there's nothing I could do about anything, so why bother?

I like my play. It turned out well. We had good audience turnout and after the shows we sipped champagne out of plastic cups and ate brownies and chocolate croissants. It was very chic. I even managed to socialize some, but I did not attend the after-party. I went home, glued my eyelids together, and promptly fell asleep.

Today will be a long one. BF's sister is coming up on the train at 11:30am to see the play and spend the night. The rest of his family is driving up and should be here about noon. At 4, I'm going to see Lily Tomlin because I've had this ticket forever and also, I'm looking forward to it. After that, we'll all probably have dinner and then see ShePlays. I have to clean my crap off the couch and probably run the vacuum one last time. BF's sister is allergic to our cats but uses medication to control her symptoms. I hope the dander doesn't do her in. I'd hate to have to explain that to people.

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