Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sir, I Exist

We cornered the cats and painted Frontline pictures on their necks. I ate cheesecake for dinner. A rock cracked BF's windshield. I want to play video games instead of write. But I'm writing, and it's sad and strange and true and my special challenge is to make it keep its distance. And the gym wants me back but I'm pretty sure my eye might fall out.

I'm listening to k.d. lang because I've heard it enough times now where I don't hear the words. It's a pleasant buffer between me and distraction, except that now it's time for all good men to take their pills.

I'm itching to kill mythical creatures. Jurassic Park should've been about big game hunting. People'd pay a pretty penny for a T-Rex head they shot themselves. "Notice the eyes, see how they follow you around the room! How so life-like! It's Outrageous Cretaceous Couture!"

Enough reprieve. Back to my apartment by the sea.

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