Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Brought to you by the letter S

How are you? I'm fine. That's nice. The weather is good. I'm sleepy, could use more coffee but I'm afraid I'll get the jitters. Are you okay? Did the rash clear up? Do you think you'll go on vacation soon? Why couldn't I sleep last night? Why is it so exhausting to watch a big bike race? Why did those two girls at the gym have to hog all the equipment? Why couldn't I slap them? Why doesn't anyone wipe their sweat off the machines? Why is the water in the gym shower so hard? Why is my hair wet? My stomach hurts. Today I've been here one year. Here is an update on my moving sales. I plan to use the money to buy a plane ticket. Thank you for looking. I wish it was nap time.

Sales-to-Date = $21.59. Only $478.41 to go!

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