Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today's the Day

To keep us sedated, our site leaders are providing morning Mimosas and Bailey's for the coffee. They bought 12 bottles of champagne for thirty people. At 9am we're meeting in a big group, then individual sessions, followed by a company-wide meeting. Most of us already know our fate. Hugs will probably be involved.

I started rewriting another play last night. I think I broke it in the last rewrite, but that's okay. I forgive myself.

I applied for another tech writer job and got my resume up on monster. Jer and I had a long talk about our options and we've got tentative plans that involve a major move. I'm excited and scared about it all, but it's something we've been talking about forever so it's time to act.

But then, you know, talking and doing are not the same thing. And the doing part is infinitely more complicated than the talking.

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