Monday, July 11, 2005

On Procrastinating at Work

The traditional "Returning of the cable box" has been completed. I'm $35/month richer. Let's get pissed!

I finally spoke with my boss after a month of radio silence. I forgot to thank him for the iPod, but I think it went all right. There aren't any hard feelings; I know he did what he could. Part of this has been so tough because he *is* such an awesome manager and I'll miss not working for him.

You're probably sick of all this job stuff. But on the up side, I've got loads to write about now, so the blog gets updated pretty frequently.

I ordered an iCarPlay so I can listen to mp3's on my highly anticipated (yet completely imaginary) road trip to Seattle. If you're playing the home game, I also picked up one of these: a Belkin TuneDok. It props up the iPod via the cup holder, so there's very little shifting in transit. There's nothing I hate more than a free range iPod.

Technically, with regards to the iPod, I don't know how to use it yet. I've been feeling very Luddite-esque about the whole thing. It wouldn't have even gotten charged if Jer hadn't forced the issue. So yeah. Let's hope I can banish my apathy in favor of the shiny shiny. Because the shiny shiny deserves to see the light of day.

Oh, right. A co-worker told me that if you don't have any activity in your bank account for say, 10 years, the bank can shut it down and give the money to the government, or something like that. So I said, "That's discriminatory towards time travelers!" I had to then explain that if a time traveler intends to let his hundred dollars ride for a thousand years, but then comes back and finds out the government declared eminent domain on his money market account... well, that's just not fair. I suggest you write your congressman. Time travelers deserve to use the power of compounding, just like the rest of us fat cats. Just because it's the present, doesn't mean we gotta be so tense.


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