Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Terminator

No surprises yesterday. I was offered a 3 week severance package and a 1 month COBRA subsidy, with the option of extending coverage for 18 months out-of-pocket. September 30 is the last day our site is open, but we can leave anytime between now and then and still collect severance. So that's good. I'm glad they're not forcing us to stay.

I'll also be eligible to collect unemployment for the first time in my life, so that's nice too. The last time I was unemployed for five months in a row, I wasn't eligible and it was... difficult.

Now I've got to go through our expenses and see what we can cut back. Tomorrow I'll go down to the cable company and return the digital cable box and, rather than drop it altogether, reduce service. I am unable (or unwilling?) to give up VH1 in its entirety. Celebreality is like crack to me.

Our apartment is full of crap. There will be much selling and discarding. Not to mention, planning and worrying. It's what I do best.

This afternoon we've got outplacement job counselors coming in to console us. Too bad they weren't here yesterday when the booze was flowing freely and we watched "Office Space" on the projector.

Good times.

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