Friday, July 15, 2005

Bureaucratic Boogie

We bonded with the neighbors last night, and now I think we've agreed to hang out and barbecue on Saturday. They're a nice couple -- and we've got a few things in common: our living situation, pets, and beer -- but I can't help but feel this is bad timing for friend-making and maybe I should just shun them. Just up and shun the shit out of 'em.

Man, I crack me up.

I might make a pineapple cake or some to-be-determined side dish. I wonder if they like spinach... Most of my recipes are made with ingredients that Jer refuses to eat, so any opportunity that allows me to use spinach, or mayonnaise or pineapple -- especially together, mwahahaha -- is worth taking.

The DMV was a pleasant experience. In and out in about ten minutes, with an appointment. I handed the Information Desk woman my paperwork and my check, read an eye chart, and got my picture taken. I happily answered No, when asked if I wore contacts or glasses. I even think my photo will be all right. I didn't eat anything ahead of time, so there wasn't any chance of food in my teeth, and I brushed my hair and applied makeup.

When I hand my driver's license over for inspection, here's what I'm hoping it says about me: Hey baby, wanna party? As opposed to: Please squint at my picture then up at my face, then back at the picture and make tsk tsk noises. Yes mysterious stranger, that picture is 10 years old, forgive me for aging gracefully! (as I silently wish herpies upon them)

Here's a delicious bit of irony. Next Tuesday is my one-year anniversary with this company. It's also the day that job outplacement counselors come in to teach us proper resume writing. Happy anniversary!

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