Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nice and Easy

If you're shopping for a money market account, may I suggest Zions Bank. As long as you keep your balance above $1000 you get interest, and if you go below, there aren't any penalties. The APY is variable, but is currently at 3.30. And no, I don't get anything out of recommending it, except for lots and lots of kickbacks.

In the good timing department, I've got an appointment to renew my CA driver's license. I may even be honest about my height and weight this decade. (I'm a wild thing, don't try to pin me down.) Course, in the coming months, I hope to have a similar appointment in WA. And for the record, instead of calling this a "waste of time," I prefer the term "practice run."

Jer has a couple of interviews this week, which depending on their outcome could mean nothing or everything. Our hearts are thus conflicted with the probability of infinite possibility. Each time we make a plan, the universe laughs at us. Sometimes I just wish I got the joke.

In other news, the universe is a mean drunk. If you see him coming, it's best to hide the tequila. Cuz seriously, although body shots with the universe sound like wicked fun, it just sets you up for one hell of a hangover.

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