Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Please Do the Needful

A couple of co-workers took me out to lunch for my one-year anniversary. We went to a small Japanese restuarant within walking distance of the office -- small but empty and very tasty -- and I was forced to confront one of my many hangups: eating at small places during busy times. My skin crawls just thinking about it. I've got to crave something pretty badly to put myself through the stress of sitting elbow-to-elbow and fighting for a table, waiting for refills, feeling rushed, ugh. I'll go far out of my way to avoid the crowd factor, even when the anxiety is completely irrational.

Luckily, the restaurant wasn't crowded. I ate my Bento Box in peace.

Across town a different set of co-workers found a cockroach in their curry. I won't burden you with the details; let's just say they got their meals for free. And the flavor was completely unexpected.

I went to a resume writing workshop yesterday. It was helpful, except now I've got to rip my resume apart and start again. And seeing as how my motivation is nil for resume deconstruction, I foresee an epic battle between myself and my word processing program. Or I'll just sell more of my things to finance my drug habit, err, Seattle trip (get it? like a drug trip, only it's a Seattle trip? Hahaha). Speaking of which...


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