Thursday, March 13, 2008

Festival Update

The payments I sent out a couple of days ago for festivals are starting to go through. Some of the festivals deposit your checks immediately and then refund the money later if you don't get in, so it doesn't actually mean anything yet. Still, it's exciting to know they're receiving the applications and I'm in the running.

This year I've applied to:

  • Bellevue Festival of the Arts
  • Bite of Seattle
  • Bumbershoot
  • Fremont Fair
  • Issaquah Salmon Days
  • Seafair Pirates' Landing
  • Seattle Central Area Community Festival
  • University District Street Fair

My application for West Seattle Summerfest is on the kitchen table. I just need to mail it. I'm supposed to find out in the next few days about the University District Street Fair. It's the only application I turned in late (due to not having a booth until then) so that may have hurt my chances. Fingers are crossed.

I added all the dates to Google Calendar and it looks like July could potentially be the busiest month ever, what with an event every weekend and a full-time job. But hey, sleeping is what August is for. Also, it looks like my tax refund should be deposited in the next few days so that'll definitely help out with the booth fees.

Phew. Time to take stock and make sure I'll have enough product!


KermitFan said...

"so it doesn't actually mean anything yet." -- wrong. I'm thinking that you should be more positive and think: "Sweet! They took my money and now I'm going to have the best booth space available at the fair." and "I'm going to sell so many photos that your head is going to spin!" :-) (I'm all about the positive thinking these days!)

Christy said...

Heh. I'm all for being positive but I want to stay realistic as well. I don't want to be too disappointed if I get my money returned in a month.

I feel like I've actually expressed my optimism quite nicely via the 600 blank notecards & envelopes I just ordered. :)