Friday, March 21, 2008

A Litany of Chores

Another day of chores. My last vacation day -- err, last day of being unemployed (KNOCK ON WOOD). I'm brewing a pot of coffee to fortify me for evening as I wait for the king-sized mattress pad to dry and the sheets to launder.

Tonight I give myself the gift of clean sheets -- as opposed to the gift of dining in Hell... if you're at all familiar with "300" I am referring to the phrase, "Tonight we dine in Hell," which doesn't actually make any sense in retrospect but it stays because it amuses me.

First I went to the post office and mailed my passport renewal forms, then I met my trainer at the gym. Post-workout I walked over to Aerosoles and purchased a few pairs of comfortable, dressy shoes, which I didn't even think existed. I even branched out of my comfort zone and opted for a wedge heel, so bully for me.

Then I drove up to Capitol Hill and went to the art supply store to buy notecard supplies. And then rewarded myself (I am all about the pampering) with lunch at the Baguette Box. I am happy to report my French Bull Dog photo is still on display, and that their truffle fries are fantastic as always.

On the way home I stopped at Home Depot and bought fluorescent lights for the kitchen, since they've been on the decline for several months and are just barely lighting up now. Got home, called my parents to thank them for the Easter chocolate they sent, and now I'm washing the sheets.

Later I will mat prints like a mad woman and read some literature to prepare for my new job.

For a week off, this was maybe my most productive week ever. I should resign more often!

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