Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday is for dreaming

In the last few days, I've seen two TV shows on first-time home buyers in Seattle and how do-able it is. Granted, I didn't look up what years the shows were filmed, but it made me pretty excited. I can't wait to go out and look -- well, a year from now. Our lease expires in a year, and if we could stay longer to save more for a down payment, I'm sure we would. But it's nice to dream.

In the meantime, it should inspire me to reduce our clutter so we don't have to move with all that dead weight. I see more trips to Half Price Books (and Goodwill) in my future.

Poor Jer. For the last 4 days he's worked 11 hour days due to some mandatory training. And tomorrow his new shift starts, right on the heels of his old shift, so he gets no days off. Since I'm not making any money at the moment, his overtime pay will be welcome, but I'm sure he'd rather sleep.

New job starts in two days! Last night, to prepare, I worked through the first 40 pages of documentation I was sent, made lots of notes and jotted down some questions. What I love most about being a Technical Writer is the opportunity to learn new things. It's a job where you can be dropped into almost any situation, and (in theory) with your set of skills, really help improve processes and communication. I don't mean this to sound like I'm bragging because by that definition many other positions also have transferable skills, I just love what I do, when I'm allowed to do it.

Instead of matting prints last night, I did the work stuff, so I'm behind on the photography front. The first festival is only two months away, so it's go time. I need to start cranking out product and finalizing all the loose ends. Although I've only been officially accepted to 2 festivals, 4 festivals have cashed my checks, and 1 will do so in a couple of days. So my money is good enough for 5 of them, but I could still be rejected and refunded by 3 of them after the juries' scrutiny.

I don't know if I should be worried, but I went to one of the festival's websites yesterday and the domain had expired. Then I noticed they had just cashed my check. I hope it's just an oversight and not an elaborate scam to separate me from $100.

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