Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Chance to Catch Us at West Seattle Summer Fest

If you missed us, don't fret! You have another chance. We'll be back again at West Seattle Summer Fest from 10am-8pm today.

A cool thing: Patrick from West Seattle Blog stopped by and snapped a picture of Jer and I. I really should've moved away from the white wall and stood in front of one of my photos or my sign, but it all happened so fast. Paparazzi-style! He was super nice and was wearing a cool Spiderman shirt.

We arrived at our booth location at 6:30am yesterday (got up at 4:40am) and left around 8:30pm. Then we ate a quick dinner and I matted 8 more prints before collapsing at 11pm. Today we may or may not add a door opening to the side of our booth; there has been some dissent on this front. And we are looking forward to another day of festival fun.

Better go get ready! Daylight's a' wastin'!

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