Monday, July 14, 2008

West Seattle Summerfest: The Aftermath

West Seattle Summerfest was a great experience for us. About halfway through the second day I started to get nervous because people were buying so many prints. Would I have enough for Bite of Seattle next weekend? Oh noes!

That's not actually a bad problem to have.

In the end, we met a lot of friendly folks and I talked a lot of people's ears off about fireworks. It was tiring, but a lot of fun.

So I have not checked email or read any Web sites since last Wednesday. It's been a mad dash to do everything, and it continues with Bite of Seattle next weekend. I'll post more details about that later, but we'll be on the roof of Fisher Pavilion with the other art-type vendors. And that will be my last festival until Art at Marymoor Park in August.

I was up until midnight last night. After we tore down and arrived home from the fest, I settled the day's transactions and then created a "Current Inventory" report in MS Access and a "Sold List" so I could figure out what to reorder. Then I ordered it. With luck (and the extra charge for next day shipping) the new prints should arrive Tuesday. That will give me about 2 evenings to mat and make note cards to replace my stock...

Jeremy was awesome as always. I wasn't feeling very well for the first couple of days and his company and help were invaluable. On Saturday night, I taught him my method for making note cards, and we replenished the inventory from 10-11pm after a full day at the fest. Also, he bought me a little travel guide on Japan from one of the used bookstores so I could read it in between customers. Turned out there wasn't much downtime, but it was very thoughtful and I will read it during my commute.

I also got to meet one of my favorite print/illustration/ink artists, James Taylor. His Web site is here. I have several of his pieces around my office and a few more ready to hang. He was super nice and everyone should check out his work.


Melain said...

His name is James Taylor?! Poor guy. I'm having visions of Office Space. "Michal Bolton" LOL!!!

Christy said...

One good thing about it though: I never forget his name! :)