Thursday, July 10, 2008

Come see me tomorrow!

West Seattle Summer Fest starts tomorrow, where I will have a booth across from Garlic Jim's from 10am to 8pm and I will dazzle and frighten you with my master collection of groundbreaking new work.

Er, I'll put prints up. Mostly of Seattle, but some of Hawaii and southern California. There's also a dead jellyfish in there, but I assure you it is artistic. Also it's not really a jellyfish but it looks like one. More like a collection of blue jellyfish-like colonies.

The Fest is at California and Alaska Junction in West Seattle. Details are in the sidebar. I am going to take a quick nap and finish getting ready. We set up bright and early tomorrow before it starts.

My booth is On Focus Photo, if that's not clear. And I sell note cards, matted prints, and bookmarks. Lovely ones that you would like to give to friends and make your enemies jealous with. My husband Jer has mostly loaded the car for me, which is awesome, so now I will take a quick nap and finish the signs.

I heard the 520 is closed this weekend. So don't go that way.

See ya tomorrow maybe.

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