Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is beer my silver lining?

My bus was 40 minutes late tonight; I didn't get home until 8pm. Of course I had all of my gym paraphernalia on my back, a sack of groceries, and three new books in hand. Cuz that's what you want to do when you get done working out, strap on a bunch of weight and stand still for an hour.

I hate hate hate hate hate hate day Mariners games.


But this beer I'm drinking is A-OK.


Erik said...

It was a good game. But alas they lost in the 12th inning. The water taxi was on
And I'm sure the beer you're drinking was much cheaper than the $8.50 I paid for my Pyramid.

Christy said...

I kicked myself the entire time I stood there waiting for not making the water taxi. But nooo, silly me had to the grocery store for a loaf of bread and Borders to buy a street map of Tokyo.

I'm glad it was a good game at least.

Melain said...

Atta girl! Focus on the good stuff! And drink as much of it as you can to get you through the day.

Christy said...

And yay for having a potential Hottest Mommy Blogger comment on my blog! :)

(I just voted for you melain, but they sure make it difficult to sign up.)