Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Under the wire

I am still recovering from this blasted cold, but I'm hoping the worst is over now. Today was all about staying upright, and later it was all about cleaning as much as possible. With all these festivals so close together, my place has become a pig-sty. Even after several hours of cleaning, I'm still embarrassed to leave it like this but it'll have to do.

I haven't put anything into my suitcase yet, but I have lists of things to pack, I have acquired (and washed) everything that needed to be gotten, and stacked all of the battery chargers by the camera bag. (Then I brushed Chiana for 10 minutes because she was looking very cute.) It's good I have one more night to get it all together, and then it's time, whether I'm ready or not.



George said...

Hey, have a great trip!

Christy said...

Thanks, george!