Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking care of details

I have lists and I have done some of the things on my lists. But then I've done some other things as well, such as stopping in at the Fluevog sale and buying a pair of deeply discounted comfortable walking shoes. If you're playing the home game, this is the second pair of comfortable walking shoes I've bought in a week, but they are totally opposite colors so it's okay.

This is the least prepared I have ever felt for a trip, but since many new people arrive in Japan everyday and it works out, I will just go with the flow.

After work I met my trainer and lifted things, lunged and stuff, and then I bought some mini toiletries, took the water taxi home, carried the pile of cardboard out to the recycle dumpster, and drove to Courtney's house because she has graciously agreed to watch my cats and needed keys. After some pleasant conversation, I went to Target and bought the rest of the toiletries on my list along with roughly one billion rolls of toilet paper, because we were out. It is not a pleasant thing to return from vacation to a house devoid of toilet paper.

Over and over I practice saying Hajimemashite and ikura desuka, but my brain feels full. Apparently the hotel is very close to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, so if I become overwhelmed I can just go hang out there for awhile. I am hoping to visit Kamakura to see the Great Buddha statue and Tsukiji Market to see all the fish. Also to wander around Shinjuku for awhile. Those are my tentative plans.

If anyone out there has any other suggestions, please let me know! I wish I weren't so clueless.


KermitFan said...

Two suggestions:

1. Take me with you in your suitcase -- I'll totally pay the "extra bag" fee. Seriously.

2. Have fun. Be an adventurer, smile a lot, and just take it all in.


Christy said...

Ha. Thanks, kermitfan! I know I'll throw myself into it when I get there, but right now that seems awfully far away.