Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's too dark to see the keys

I have been trying to adjust my thinking, which is not unlike stopping a rolling boulder and forcing it to spin in the opposite direction. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes two scoops of gelato and a bowl of pho.

So let's focus on the positive. There's a 3-day weekend coming up. I just got paid. I made burritos for dinner due to the grocery store that recently opened beneath my gym. My cat is looking very cute lying on her back in front of the balcony. It's not as muggy as it was earlier. I get to sleep soon. I had a good session with my trainer.

I started the day with a bus ride and a large triple vanilla latte, and then I walked slowly to work -- I am apparently immune to caffeine's frenzied charms -- and I can safely say, that this is the prettiest town I've ever lived.

Let's ignore the fact that someone who will remain nameless (not Jer) attempted to remove the carpet glued to our balcony and left the job half-done right before a holiday weekend, or well, none of it is very interesting.

One day at a time, Bonnie Franklin.

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