Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exactly where to find me at Bite of Seattle

I just got back from setting up my On Focus Photo booth at Bite of Seattle and I wanted to let you know where to find me, in case you have some spare time tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday. All the details are below.

Look for the bright pink HERE text on the map and that's where I will be:

I'm on the roof of Fisher Pavilion, there are stairs right behind me, and the Children's Theatre even further behind me, and I'm also right next to the Gate at 2nd Ave N and Thomas. You can probably even see me from the gate. The top of my tent is rounded, unlike most everyone else's which comes to a point. I am that cool. Also I am delirious.


What: Bite of Seattle (FREE ADMISSION)
Why: It's the Northwest's Premier Food Festival
Fair hours:
11am-9pm, Friday, July 18
11am-9pm, Saturday, July 19
11am-8pm, Sunday, July 20
Where: Seattle Center, WA (under the Space Needle)
Getting there: See

Where can I find the On Focus Photo booth: On the roof of Fisher Pavilion (Look for the L and J boxes on this PDF map. I should be right there.)

I hope you can make it out! This will be my last big festival and the second to last confirmed festival for the whole year. It's now or maybe never!

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