Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been wandering between the living room and the office in search of something. The TV is still broken, but it's no big inconvenience to watch TV on the laptop at the coffee table. I can still sit on the couch and watch the sun's light reflected off the buildings downtown -- and skip commercials. But I get bored and wander to the office where I don't really want to sit at the computer, but it's my default place. So back and forth.

Work is ... well... They call it work for a reason.

I have a cat in my lap. And no sit down meetings scheduled for tomorrow. A day free of meetings. These are good things. I also have a strong case of wanderlust, but I'll just have to ride that out.

My head is in a weird place and thoughts are slippery. Tuesdays are always hard.

I would very much like to buy a DS Lite to play "My Japanese Coach." And I probably will when I get paid again. Or maybe I will try to barter my acoustic guitar for one.

A game-related confession: It's been 2 years since I stopped playing World of Warcraft and I still think about it more than is reasonable. When I hear people talk about it or read about it on a blog I feel a powerful urge to play again. I wonder if that will ever go away.


MommaJen said...

Random fact: REM has a song called Wanderlust. I think your blog is the only other place I've heard the word used. :)

They don't have an official video, but here's the song on YouTube:

(your blog wouldn't let me paste the video directly for some reason)


Christy said...

Thanks for sharing, mommajen. :)

It's kinda catchy.