Friday, October 03, 2008

Spare change?

"This week things changed," is what my diary would say if I kept a diary. On Tuesday afternoon there were layoffs and I was offered a new role, which I accepted. It is a lot of responsibility and a lot of work and I am both overwhelmed and excited. Mostly I am busy.

I am a little embarrassed to talk about the specifics of the job because I feel like it can change again in a flash, like they'll admit it was all some big freaky experiment and they got the wrong gal. In the mean time I am trying to fill some very big shoes and doing my best not to hyperventilate. At least not in public. What I do in my own time is fine.

To reward myself for being such a good soldier, I went to Starbucks and asked them to add 2 shots of espresso to a venti signature hazelnut hot chocolate. It is not too shabby.

As you can imagine the mood around the workplace is subdued. We lost friends and teammates this week. But you just have to keep truckin' and digging out all the old cliches to keep the sting from dragging you down.

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