Monday, October 27, 2008

Poignant is a funny word

On Sunday I tried a chicken enchilada recipe from the Best of Cooking Light cookbook. They turned out pretty good, which was a relief because I've never shredded chicken before and I had doubts it would go well. But apparently it is not that hard to take two forks and shred the heck out of a bunch of breasts. Go me.

It's the last week I can commute by water taxi for awhile, possibly ever. It doesn't start running again until around March or April or May, and if all goes well, we may not be living here anymore.

I think the word "poignant" was especially made for experiences that you know will be your last. You just have to take care not to say it out loud because then you sound douche-y.

By you, I mean me.

I calculated my net worth today, like I do at the end of every month and it was a sad sad thing. Somewhere my retirement account is screaming. I opened the account shortly after the tech sector imploded, and most of the gains I had were wiped out. This past month was particularly brutal.

But then if the stock market were predictable it'd be a savings account, right?

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