Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new toy

Jeremy obtained for me a DS Lite. It is crimson and black, ever so shiny, and currently charging in the hallway. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to play it. Thanks, Jer!

I need to go to sleep here in a minute but I wanted to say hello. Hi. And happy Halloween.

This year it's crept up on me, all stealthy-like. I haven't bought candy. I haven't considered a costume. Last weekend we watched "The Ruins," "Nosferatu," and part of "Metropolis" but that's the extent of our celebration. I'm not even reading a scary book. I'm reading a non-fiction travel journal of a woman exploring the unbeaten tracks of Japan alone in the late 1800s. It's good but rarely frightening.

One year, 4 years ago?, I didn't buy candy and we had trick-or-treaters. We'd never had trick-or-treaters at our apartment before and I wasn't expecting it. I raced in the kitchen, tore through the cupboards and found individually wrapped Fig Newtons, which I promptly deposited into the childrens' bags. I just kept repeating, "Sorry, they're cookies," as each child stared up at me, sadly. Ever so sadly.

And that was the year I ruined Halloween for 5 children.


George said...

Go for six in 2008! It's the only way to kill the bad memories.

Christy said...

Not a bad suggestion, george. As 1/3 the number of the beast, it's sure to bring me favor with the dark master.