Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Caturday!

Friday was better than Thursday and by mid-day I was practically (sometimes literally) dancing in my chair. Friday night! Go out to dinner! See Jer!

Jer drove downtown to meet me and scored convenient street parking in Pioneer Square. Then we walked over to Mitchelli's for Italian. I've walked by the restaurant at least once a day since I started at my job last March and had never been inside and it was time.

On the cozy bar side of the restaurant, they have a happy hour special, Monday-Friday, 4-6pm. $1 pizza slices (Margherita, Cheese, Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken), and $3.75 certain draft beers and martinis. By "cozy," I don't mean crowded. There's a long counter that wraps around the bar with fixed red swivel seats. Nice big windows face the street with ivy growing around the corners. The place just has a nice, warm, homey feel.

Jer and I ordered the Happy Hour $1.95 Baked Artichoke Dip appetizer and split a roasted garlic and sausage pizza. It was all very tasty and not too heavy. The crust was thin and the toppings weren't overwhelming. For dessert we shared a slice of caramel chocolate cake.

Looks like they also have lunch specials at the counter, which I hope to take advantage of soon.

After dinner we walked over to Magic Mouse Toys and browsed. I didn't realize they had such a large board game and puzzle section. After we were there awhile I also realized that there weren't any kids around. It was all adults having a great time pointing stuff out or testing out the games. My personal favorite item was a remote controlled Zombie in the case, but I was actually most tempted to buy a really ornate coloring book.

I didn't though.

Then we came home, split a big bottle of pumpkin beer and watched "Venture Brothers" and the latest episode of "The Office." And now there's this cat in my lap who is guilting me into using my hands To Pet and not To Type.

So be it, Chiana. So be it.


Maya said...

I love Magic Mouse! And, come to think of it, I've never seen kids in there either!

Christy said...

I've only been to Magic Mouse the one time at happy hour and then at lunch on a workday, so I'm hoping kids descend on the weekends. The place reminds me of a bigger, cooler version of the toy store I shopped at growing up -- where I'd always go stare at the telescopes and chemistry sets and balsa wood and hula hoops and beg my parents for stuff.

Maya said...

We didn't have any toy stored like that where I grew up. I would have been in heaven I'm sure!