Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Week

For this week only I went to Japanese class on Wednesday night. I repeated numbers and time and learned the difference between kono/sono/ano and kore/sore/are.

In my spare time I've discovered Hulu -- in particular Death Note, sub-titled anime series about a male high school student and a god of death. Kooky! (Only 29 more episodes to go)

Tomorrow night I have tickets to see "Spring Awakening." Mental note: move tickets to purse.

Friday night I have a ticket to see Dar Williams perform.

Pumpkin beer is scheduled around the other stuff.

The rest of the time I'll go to that place where they pay me all the moneys so I can buyz all the stuff.

Oh. So. The student I was paired with in class tonight had never heard of Cujo. Serves me right for making a rabid dog reference in Japanese class, I guess. I had to explain some other basic cultural reference to someone else the other day -- well, basic to me. So hi. I'm old. Let me teach you.


Lily said...

I'm a bit jealous, "Spring Awakening" is supposed to be fabulous -- hence all the Tonys?

Christy said...

The play the musical is based on is one of my favorites. (Gotta love those crazy German playwrights.) Plus I've owned the soundtrack for awhile, so yeah, I'm pretty excited. :)

danf said...

Dude! You aren't old. My cable box is broken and I needed to describe what the picture looked like to the phone rep. I was tempted to say it looks like when one of the tubes go bad. Because I remember when televisions had tubes. (For the record, the colors are all purple and green and the halves are one the wrong side with a think black line down the center).

Christy said...

Heh, danf, tubes are not so old school. I would get that.