Sunday, February 08, 2009

and we're off

I spent a good chunk of my day working on On Focus Photo stuff. I upgraded the photoblog to the latest version of Wordpress, upgraded PHP, and messed around with a new template. It's taken a few steps back but these are changes I've been meaning to make for some time. You can't make a photoblog omelet without breaking a few links, as they say. The store is also different now, just so you're prepared.

Jer and I watched the first four episodes of "Little Britain" last night and it is ... wow. Exactly my kind of humor. Just perfect. Barnes and Noble was selling the first two seasons for 40% off so I picked it up and I'm glad I did.

Around 4pm today I went to the mall and bought a few long-sleeved shirts. So whoo hoo to that. I've been putting that one off for awhile... Currently there is a Chiana snuggled in my lap and she is going to be very angry in a minute when I go check on the laundry. Yup. She's off.

No excuse not to put the towels in the dryer now. None at all. Bah.

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