Sunday, February 15, 2009

Plans to watch a movie

The nice thing about a husband who does not have to work at 4pm on a Sunday is that we can actually plan a day together. In the normal course of events, he wakes between noon and 1pm and leaves for work at 3pm. So you see, not a lot of shared time in the Venn diagram that is our weekend... or life.

I have proposed that we venture downtown, eat lunch, and watch Coraline 3D at the Regal Meridian 16. The next half hour will determine how doable this is, as I've just attempted for the first time to rouse him from a deep slumber and I don't hear the shower running yet.

Looking at my schedule like those pesky Christmas ghosts -- past, present, future -- I have concerns about my ability to work any festivals this year. I am seriously considering withdrawing my applications and turning down the one I've been accepted to. I have not made a final decision yet, and who knows what the next few months will actually bring, but as it stands now there aren't enough hours since I've chosen other priorities, namely work.

Clearly some soul searching needs to happen. I'm not even sure how secure my work future is. Do I drop the other things I'm doing and commit to my career? I do like what I'm doing and there are tremendous opportunities to grow. But can I grow fast enough to satisfy expectations?

I believe that, right now in particular, the only return on investment I can count on is the one I make in myself. That's the only thing I know for certain. The other questions keep me up at night.

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