Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good morning, Sunday

I keep using the words "struggle" and "challenge" to describe what I'm going through at work. These are perfectly accurate words but seem hollow when I think about people who have problems lower in the pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I don't know, like problems with survival and parasites.

Let me explain. I am reading three books right now. "Leadership and the Sexes," "What Got You Here Won't Get You There," and "Parasite Rex." Mmm, sleeping sickness.

On Friday I had to excuse myself from my desk and go for a walk in the sunlight. I walked down to the aquarium, sat on a bench, stared at the water, and called Jer. I was deciding if I wanted to go back or not. Ever. My mind was not convinced this sort of grandstanding was necessary, but my body said, no, I can't do it anymore. Eventually I reconciled the two halves by making a deal. I would give myself a break. It was 2pm. I would leave at 3pm, get a drink with Jer, and watch Coraline 3D at 5 -- it was sold out when we tried to see it last weekend. So I sent out an email to everyone saying I needed to "take care of a few things," with my cell phone for emergencies, and I left. I did not mention that the "things I needed to take care of" was myself.

I feel a lot better now. Yesterday I wrote some issues out and today I'll write some more out. I need to look at ways I can be proactive about the problems. I've just finished reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and I'll try to incorporate some of those lessons.

There was an anecdote in the book about strength training, and how you have to push yourself until the muscles tear in order for them to regrow stronger. Of course you have to do it correctly or you'll hurt yourself... but I feel as if I'm in a situation where I have to push myself knowing it will hurt, but the end result will be valuable. The trick is to push myself in a way that will be beneficial and not leave lasting damage.


Auntie Leeshe *AKA* Alysia said...

aw man i know that feeling all to well. (the walk away or stay) i've grappled with it all my working life, especially now with this huge wall i must clime to get my life back in order. my mind is full of *is it worth its*... in my case, yes.

i'm glad you took time out though. and i'm glad you guys saw coraline! did you like it?? i saw it also. wish i didn't see it in 3D though. it made my eyes hurt really bad. but i liked the movie a lot!

hope things are a bit clearer for you now!

Christy said...

Alysia, you definitely have quite a bit going on in your own life right now and are facing your own tough questions. I hope everything is going okay for you too.

We liked Coraline, but you're right, 3D was painful. As soon as we got home, Jer and I both downed a couple of Tylenol. I thought it was just cuz we're old. :)