Saturday, February 14, 2009

the wallet follow-up

This morning I feel as if I'm temporarily free of a crazy dream. Like up until now I've been wandering through "Alice in Wonderland" office edition, where the rabbits speak and carry enormous pocket watches before disappearing down a hole.

I realized a few days into the week that I still had the found wallet in my desk and I needed to do something. I couldn't drive it anywhere because I was stuck downtown, and my evenings and lunches were booked for the rest of the week. So I scheduled twenty minutes on my Outlook calendar and walked up to the nearest Washington Mutual.

When I explained the situation to the man behind the counter, he did not inspire all that much confidence. I almost took the wallet back from him when he said, "Well, worst case we can just shred it." I said, "Will you try to call him at least? Should I take this back from you?" In the end he accepted the responsibility and I went back to work, where I stayed for a very long time.

I realize this is a somewhat unsatisfactory resolution if you were waiting to hear how I reunited the man with his wallet -- which incidentally was covered in flowers, a bold choice. But it's the best I could do this week.

Things are still changing so fast I'm dizzy. The good news is Jer took off from work tomorrow night so I will see him the entire weekend.

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