Sunday, February 01, 2009

let's give this play thing a try

All morning I've sat at my computer trying very hard to be brilliant, but brilliant is slippery if you hadn't heard.

I installed Final Draft again (reinstalled, if you will) and have been going through old plays in limbo, cringing at my dialogue and how transparent I am to myself -- I know my tricks, I can't fool me! It's an exercise in humiliation, but sometime in the last few days I decided I should begin submitting plays again because that was something that made me happy. Finishing things. Controlling the outcome. Proselytizing my sense of entitlement to the masses, or you know, to the 4 people who are willing to pay the ticket price.

The key to banishing the mean reds is productivity and remembering there is only a limited time set aside for us, it's best to grab on with both hands and make your own luck. Wallowing is for suckers.

So yeah. If the plays don't work out I plan on writing for Hallmark.

I should probably also reevaluate my artistic credo I wrote so long ago, the one that started, "I believe." In the interim my focus has shifted more towards building strong walls for the inevitable rejection rather than relying on the original core values, which consisted of persistence, a love of learning, and an ache for the absurd.

Failure just requires so much less effort to believe in.

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