Monday, February 02, 2009

Not eating dinner makes me punchy

I'm listening to a lot of When In Rome, "The Promise" tonight. For the longest time I misheard the lyrics, but for once the actual words turned out better.

I'm looking at you, No Doubt's "Spiderwebs" -- a song about an answering machine. What's the matter? Couldn't find a rhyme for microwave?

I kid, I kid.

I called my parents, am contemplating laundry (which is almost exactly like doing it), and have been studiously trying to find the end of the Internet. I'm stuck at the "Here Be Dragons" sign and full cheeked blowing cupid cloud creatures.

John Popper, "Once You Wake Up" is followed by Matchbox Twenty, "How Far We've Come" followed by the Bangles. Yes, I said Bangles. Don't make me cut you.

I think I will go read the graphic novel, "Bone." I need me some quantifiable silliness, as opposed to the immeasurable silliness that originates internally.

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