Saturday, February 07, 2009

weekends are for palm trees

I'm wide awake and slept most of the night, with an hour stretch of alertness around 3am. I still feel as if my mental faculties are dulled, but beyond that is a drive to IMPROVE and LEAD and I hope you understand I can only speak of these things generally.

I can tell you that I chose to skip Japanese class this week so I could work. I may need to skip next week too. That is sort of a bummer.

This weekend more than any other I've been treating like an oasis. Swim swim swim then breathe. Unfortunately I still need to be able to check email on the oasis and that ability appears to have floated away on waterwings, so I might have to bellyflop back in the pool.

Good morning! If it weren't for bad metaphors this blog would have no content.

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