Thursday, February 19, 2009

did you see how the foreman is feeling today?

I'm back on the Les Mis kick. Apparently I am jonesing to be a French revolutionary who can harmonize.

Last night's Japanese class went okay. We practiced verbs so now I can tell someone I eat, drink, read, listen, buy, and play tennis. I can also tell you where I drink beer, which I think is an exceedingly useful phrase.

Sleep eludes me again.

Now you're all caught up.

I'm listening to "On My Own" which reminds me of my early teens, locked in my room singing at the mirrored closet doors. In fact I'm doing a bit of that right now, only I'm in my office, at my desk, singing quietly at the monitor and narrating this sad moment to the interwebs "...and i'm talking to myself and not to him and alllthough i know that he is bliiiind..."

Nothing would've made me happier than being able to do more than lip synch. But I get in front of people and freeze.

As I told a friend once about something entirely unrelated: I have lots of skills I don't need that one.


Carolyn R said...

The color of desire.
The color of despair.

That would be an awesome Karaoke song in the right audience. I say we find out where that is.

Christy said...

Carolyn, that sounds terribly, awesomely dangerous.