Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Kindle, a couple days later

Still loving my Kindle. I just wanted you to know.

I found the free section of Amazon and downloaded about 20 books. So far I'm working through two. The first is H. Beam Piper's "Little Fuzzy," which is the story/world from which John Scalzi derived "Fuzzy Nation." And the other is a collection of essays on writing by Robert Louis Stevenson. His poetry influenced me strongly growing up, and I still have a few of them memorized. On summer evenings when it's bright at bedtime I still find myself muttering, "In winter I get up at night and dress by yellow candle-light, in summer quite the other way I have to go to bed by day..."

I would have been a different person without "A Child's Garden of Verses." It taught me the satisfaction of a good rhyme.

The other thing I like about the Kindle is the built-in dictionary. I have friends who told me how wonderful this feature is, and I agree. Let's just say Stevenson has used some words in his essays I find challenging. Like impasto, a painting technique, which now I know.

I submitted the story I've been working on this morning, so that's good; time to start another one. Vash is getting worse, so that's bad.


Headspace said...

I'm sure you've had one of these before, but I couldn't draw up a list of 15 blogs without including you, you so've got a Stylish Blogger Award from me!

Christy said...

Wow, no, I haven't gotten one of those before. Thanks!

Oh dear, I hope I am worthy to fulfill my duties...