Sunday, May 01, 2011

Star Wars and Book Sales

It was a good weekend. Jer took a couple of photos with his phone, and maybe I can convince him later to let me share.

First off, Seattle was fortunate to have excellent weather this weekend. Sunny, warm, no clouds! After the coldest April on record, it was a welcome change.

Yesterday Jer and I went to the Pacific Science Center to see the Star Wars exhibit. I heard good things going into it, and it was fun to check out, but I wasn't impressed. The few costumes they had on display were neat. They had a Vader outfit, a few life-size Wookiees, and basic character outfits. There were a lot more hands-on stations than I expected, which took up most of the floor space.

There was a big droid on the second floor I liked. The Stormtrooper costume was cool. But mainly I was disappointed. When I tell you why you'll probably point and yell NERD.

It would have been nice to see one fancy Queen Amidala outfit. Just one.

When the kid offering to let visitors take pictures with his fake Yoda doll outside (for tips) has a more interesting Yoda than the one in the exhibit, something is wrong.

It would have been nice to show something about Jabba. Or oh, I don't know, Leia's slave outfit. I did enjoy the parts of the exhibit where they showcased how real technology might someday make space travel possible.

The whole thing though just felt... incomplete.

I don't think the exhibit was worth the twenty something dollars we paid. There I said it. And the $3 Millenium Falcon "ride" was lame. There. I said that too.

Overall, it was a nice day out. It's been awhile since Jer and I explored the Pacific Science Center, and going through the permanent exhibits was fun. We saw cosmic trails in a cloud chamber and a scale model of currents in Puget Sound. The signs in the bathroom that let me know women pee on average 4-8 cups of urine a day was a factoid I'll treasure forever...

After, we tried to have dinner at Peso's and failed. Service was just... really, really bad. So we left and had a very tasty meal at the Greek restaurant across the street.

Today Jer coaxed me into riding on the back of his motorcycle. I usually flat out refuse, but since I wanted to go to a book sale we compromised. I'd do something I didn't want to do, if he did something he didn't want to do. Guess what? I lived.

Anyway, I'm boring myself writing this out. There aren't nearly enough fight scenes. To sum up, it was a good weekend. We did stuff outside in the sun and we didn't melt.

The end.


Dan said...

NERD! Ha, just kidding. I'm not sure what the Millenium Falcon "ride" was like, but the Star Wars ride at Disney Hollywood Studios in Disney World is pretty good in case you ever make it down there.

Christy said...

I've been on Star Tours at Disneyland. That was pretty good, too.