Monday, May 16, 2011

A Vash Update

Vash sleeps in the bed Aunt Goo gave him

Vash, our male cat, is still feeling poorly. He drinks water, he uses the litterbox, and he'll eat treats, but he still picks at his wet food and hardly touches the dry. His appetite is all messed up.

Since I started giving him the Pepsid AC, he hasn't thrown up. This is good. And he seems to be eating just enough, so I'm glad he's keeping it down. Every night he still sleeps on my legs and he doesn't seem to be in any pain.

If he gets worse, or takes too long to get better, the vet tells us there are a couple more things we can do. Since the blood work and X-rays didn't point to any specific problem (kidneys are a little swollen and he's overweight), then we can have an ultrasound done. We could also try giving him medication that will increase his appetite.

Maybe my little monster is just being body conscious. He wants to be bikini ready for summer.

A gal can dream.

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