Saturday, May 07, 2011

Newest Resume Skill: Champion Lurker

I'm looking for new blogs to read; let the comments know if you have any suggestions.

Yesterday I went into my Blogger profile and searched for everyone who listed "Joe Versus the Volcano" in their movie-likes section, thinking those people must be pretty cool. It's one of those movies I watched when I was little and didn't get, and then I watched it when I was big and got completely.

Yes, sir. "Joe Versus the Volcano" is my new indicator of whether or not I'm going to cold call your RSS feed.

It's so easy to get stuck in a blog reading rut. Yet there are so many Venn diagrams of interesting you just have to stretch a little further and make work. I usually stumble into a circle where everyone knows each other and comments and they're good with that. They don't need anybody else. So I stick my toe in, test the water, feel embarrassed (did I say the wrong thing? omg did that sound too crazy? it sounded too crazy) and lurk.

I am a champion lurker. I think the number one skill a champion lurker must possess is the ability to fast read. It's hard to stay on top of so many people's lives if you stumble over words.

One of the technical writing classes I took once was good, but when I found out the instructor taught a side course in speed reading it became fantastic. I bought his book and... then I never read it -- unless reading the first five pages counts as reading the whole thing. But just buying the book, which was actually a binder full of Xeroxed loose pages -- almost wrote mimeographed, it's a prettier word -- makes me feel like I levelled up through osmosis.

The enchiladas I mentioned yesterday turned out pretty good. Took a long time, but then I am not a fast cook. Whenever the prep time says 5 minutes I mentally tack on another 20. I got to use the heck out of my food processor though, and that helped. The cheese shredding attachment is my favorite.

I just thought you should know.

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