Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seeing the world through a Words with Friends filter

Updated 5/7/11: If you came here looking for "Words with Friends" or Scrabble help, you want Win Every Game instead. Now back to the post...

Since I started class on April 14, I've written 104 (double-spaced) pages or 19,542 words. The words are scattered over 18 daily exercises, 3 short stories, and 2 flash fiction pieces.

This doesn't mean I'm any closer to publishing anything, it just means I have a bigger pile of words now than I had last month.

It's been a gorgeous couple of days in Seattle. I got to see a little of it, but mostly I am sinking deeper into my head. Turns out it's kind of cozy in there.

"Cozy" would be good move for "Words with Friends."

I drove past our old apartment and saw that the strange wooden scaffolding they erected after we left is still propping up the balconies. I am so glad we moved.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which only means I should buy the ingredients for the enchiladas I'm making for Seis de Mayo.

For whatever reason, Strunk & White's "Omit needless words," keeps rattling in my head. Omit!

One more letter and you could so easily become vomit.


GreenDragon said...

So Strunk & White is the Essentials of Style book she was talking about? I had totally never heard of it before. I did get a dictionary and thesaurus when I went to college, but not one of those books. I wonder why it was considered an essential book.

Christy said...

Yep, though it's called The Elements of Style.

People say it's essential because it's the most concise grammar/style book in existence. At $9.95 and 105 pages, it's a short, cheap, and easy read. I still refer to it when I need help tightening up my writing. (

The White of Strunk and White is E.B. White, the same author who wrote Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.