Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cooking Like a Bachelor 101

I bet my dinner was weirder than your dinner. I ate a tuna melt and a bowl of baked beans. Can you top it?

I've been indulging in the time honored art of not-thinking. Not thinking about work. Not thinking about photos. Come home, turn on reruns of "The Biggest Loser," and sleep.

I sort of went and did a thing this week and then was interviewed and now I'm waiting to hear the outcome. This is mostly why I'm not thinking. Because I worry when I think and it's easier not to think than to not sleep because I run all the worst-possible-case scenarios through my head and conveniently forget about the good stuff. You dig?

Change is scary. Even when it could be good change. That's the crux. I like my moorings firmly anchored, thank you very much. Except when I don't.

Maybe I will eat a pudding cup while I wait for my gym clothes to launder. Seems like a fine addition to the weirdest dinner ever triumvirate.


Karen said...

I dunno...I might give you a run for your money. I mixed a can of salmon meat with precisely 1 tbsp of mayo, and lumped as much as would fit onto 1 slice of bread. (Extra salmon eaten straight out of the bowl while the kitty begged for scraps at my feet.) Then I had 1 pre-made frozen hash brown patty, microwaved. And a Diet Coke.

It's what we had in the house that the day's calorie count allowed for. God, I hate watching what I eat. Karen's stomach held hostage: day 5.

Christy said...

Hm. I think the real question is: are baked beans or hash browns weirder? Because the salmon and tuna pretty much cancel each other out -- since that's how I made my tuna melt, some light mayo and sweet relish with a slice of pepper jack on wheat bread. Anywho. I think the answer to the question is: we're both weird.