Thursday, January 03, 2008

I spent the evening researching different photo printing options for On Focus Photo and in the end, I'll probably stick with what I'm doing now. I considered drop shipping my prints, but I think that would relinquish too much control over the final product. I am still planning to add white mats as an option for purchase in the future. I already chose a vendor for that though.

If I wasn't intent on keeping my current domain there is an option where they'd handle the printing and shipping. The only problem is it strips out the "brand" -- I'd become a subsidiary of this larger service. I don't like that idea.

Work has been interesting lately. I'm in the process of moving to an office directly next to my current office. We're playing musical chairs...

In a sort of funk. The extra vacation days have made it difficult to get back in the 8-5 swing. Getting impatient about my progress on different personal projects. Frustrated by time. Plus my hands are cold.

What a world.

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